The Retina IIIc is by far not the best camera for street photography you can imagine, but that does not mean it is totally unsuitable for it. Once you know how to deal with the uncoupled light meter with its exposure value system you can become pretty fast in adjusting to changing light situations, the bright lines framefinder is okay,  and the coupled rangefinder is as easy to use the one in a Leica M model. All this work pretty well together as long as you stick to the 50mm normal lens, a lovely and tack sharp Schneider-Kreuznach Retina Xenon with the rather fast full aperture of f 2.

Everything changes though if you decide to use one of the 35 or 80 mm supplementary optics you can attach to the camera instead of the front element of the 50 mm lens. In order to use those you do not only have to use a special viewfinder you can attach to the cold shoe on top of the camera, you also need to transfer the measured distance to one of two alternative scales on the bottom of the shutter-lens assembly.

The pictures in this gallery are from a roll of FP4 i shot in September 2017 in Munich.