A Rodenstock Imagon has tickled my fancy since the time i was taking pictures with large format cameras, but it was until now one of these optical legends crossed my way: It was an auction on Ebay for a 200mm Imagon in a Rolleiflex SL66 mount. As i am the proud owner of an old SL66 i bought the lens together with its set of three diaphragms and a ND filter. The day it arrived i took it for a test to the old northern cemetery in Munich, one of my favorite photographic haunts. This is the first roll of 120 film, a Fomapan 100 developed in Rodinal and scanned with a CanoScan 9000F. I took all the pictures without a diaphragm, so the soft focus effect is most pronounced. One of the pictures turned out to be not exposed, obviously the camera had a transport problem.