„zeitmaschinen. org“ is a blog in which I would like to document the time travels I have been embarking on with increasing intensity for some years now. These often are journeys into my own past, but also expeditions into the history of photography and camera making – as far as my mechanical cameras are concerned. Some are as old as I am, some younger, some older. Some I know the history of, some I’ve acquired in photo stores, from private individuals or on Ebay without knowing anything about their past.

I worked as a professional photographer for twenty years and then turned my other passion – writing – into a career. Digital photography seemed like a blessing to me at first – no more buying film, no more spending money on developing, having images that could be manipulated and artistically edited at will. But then I was overwhelmed by many thousands of images stored somewhere on my hard drives, never to be looked at again, probably not even by me.

And so I came back to analog photography. In a time consuming process, I scanned my archive of 35mm, medium and large format slides an negatives which i now use for voyages of discovery into my life – optical journeys with the time machine that triggered whole cascades of memories in me. In this blog i report on some of them.