The beauty from the beauty case: A personal view on my Kodak Retina IIIc


Actually, i‘ve always had a weak spot for Kodak Retina Cameras. This goes back to a Retina I my uncle gave me a long time ago. The little camera had an uncoated 3.5/50 Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar lens and a body painted with black enamel that wore the scratches and blemishes of many years of heavy use. The fact that it lacked a  rangefinder and the viewfinder was very small made focussing and framing some sort of guess work.

But the little camera had character and i knew that my uncle, an avid mountaineer, had used it to document his ambitious hikes in the bavarian alps in the late 1930ies. Because of its light weight and small pack size it became my trusty companion on many motorcycle trips throughout Europe. It never let me down.

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Gallery: The Adler flies to Mariabrunn


This is a trip with two time machines – my Adler M200, a german motorbike built in 1953 and my Super Ikonta which is another 16 years older built in 1937.

It is a day in late summer 2017, the sun is still high in the blue sky dotted with white clouds, and i am looking for the little roads that lead out of the city of Munich to places like Oberschleißheim and Badersfeld through the bog to Haimhausen at the Amper river and further on to  Amperpettenbach, Sulzrain and Lotzbach to my final destination Mariabrunn with its beautiful little church.

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