My CL in „in your bag“

For some time i am a keen follower of the category “in your bag” of the also in many other aspects inspiring website Japan Camera Hunter  and with every new post i marvel at with how much equipment we as photographers are willing to burden ourselves while walking on the face of this planet.  From a compact lightweight Olympus XA to a wooden 4×5 inch “travel camera”.  My most prevalent thoughts while reading are „Kudos for carrying the better half of a camera shop over the shoulder“, „That’s  a camera i’d like to have“ or „I should send them a picture of my own bag some day“.

Returning from a weekend trip to tuscany a couple of months ago, i did it: As soon as i returned to my flat i unpacked the contents of my small Lowe Pro Streamline 100 and arranged them on the wooden floor of our kitchen. I snapped a pic with my iphone, added a few explaining sentences and sent the content of my bag on a virtual journey to Japan. For quite some time i didn’t hear anything from JCH (don’t worry, they say in their blog that there is a huge backlog of submission) but one day my Leica CL appeared on their website behind a IIIc/f und followed by a M6 of the same make.  I still follow the category  „in your bag“ on a daily basis and now and again i register another thought like “I should send them a picture of my own bag someday …”

Time will tell when another of my many camera bags starts its journey to far-off Japan …

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  1. I, too, had a ‘bag’ featured – but it was my tweed sports coat.

    Like yourself, I frequnetly wonder how some of these people carry all their gear without a servant or a cart. They must not walk very far with them …

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